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The Original Pet Pedi Sock, LLC®

A Pet Grooming Sock

The Safe Way to Dremel!

This product is covered by U.S. Patent No. 10,791,709  

Made in the USA

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Web Store

Our model wearing the Breathable Non Slip Traction Sock.


One pair will last several months. They can be worn 24/7, and once your pet realizes they can get up and move around again, they will stop trying to shake them off. There is a self adhesive strap at the top of the sock to hold it in place, then right above the paw, soft self adhesive wrap (it's provided with purchase) is wrapped to keep the sock from twisting. The breathable rubber sole needs to stay on the floor to prevent the pet from slipping.

Special Order is required because of paw width and left length. Measure the width of the paw from side to side with the pet standing, include hair in the measurement. Then, measure up the leg, two inches above the "knee joint" so that the strap will be comfortable for your pet.

If you have any questions, please email or call. If you call, please leave a messaage with your number so I can return your call.

Please add measurements for perfect fit!

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